Everything you need to launch a SaaS all in one place

Nesta.js is the perfect starting point for your next big idea. Focus on what matters: your application. The rest is handled by us!


Starter kit for your next great SaaS application

All the features you need to build your dream business. Nesta.js gives you everything you need to launch your business and start charging customers on a recurring basis.


Authentication, registration, and password reset are ready out of the box. It’s never been faster to get started building your dreams.


Define monthly and yearly subscription plans in the Stripe Dashboard. Once your plans have been defined, customers can subscribe to them


Pre-render your Next.js pages, automatically generate sitemap.xml. Manage titles, descriptions, and social media metadata.

Customizable colors

Customize the color palette and the fonts used throughout the application. You can also change the logo and the favicon.

Social Logins

Enable social logins with the click of a button. Google, Facebook, GitHub, Azure, Gitlab, Twitter, Discord, and Bitbucket.


Allow your customers to download PDF copies of their invoices via Stripe Dashboard. Your customers will even receive an email with their monthly or yearly invoices.

Dashboard UI

A built-in Dashboard UI for your SaaS users. You can customize the dashboard to your needs by using Tailwind CSS.

Landing page

You can use the built-in landing page which contains a hero section, a list of features, testimonials, a pricing section, a FAQ, and a contact form. Check the demo for more details.

Serverless Database

A fully managed and serverless database with Supabase. You can use the built-in serverless database to store your data.


Choose the pricing plan that fits your needs. One time payment.

Per Project

Our convenient, single-site license allows you to use Nesta.js on a single deployed application. Includes one year of updates.


Unlimited Projects

Our unlimited license allows you to use Nesta.js on as many deployed applications as you wish. Includes one year of updates.


If you have any questions, please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the source code?

After your purchase, you will receive a link to the source code in Github. It contains everything you need to quick start your projects with code example and documentation.

Does Nesta.js support one-off charges?

Yes, Nesta.js supports making one-off charges. Along with subscription based SaaS projects you can also use Nesta.js for one time payments based projects. Actually Nesta.js itself uses one time payments for its own services.

How I can deploy my SaaS project?

Nesta.js is built on Next.js framework and you can easily deploy it in ONE click to Vercel (recommended) or Netlify. It can be also deployed to any hosting provider that supports Node.js.

Which billing intervals does Nesta.js support?

Nesta.js supports monthly and yearly billing plans, as well as one-off charges.

How do I get support after my purchase?

You get support by email at mail@nestajs.com or via Twitter DM. I guarantee a response time within 24 hours.

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The perfect starting point for your next big idea.

A starter-kit for your next great SaaS application.